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19 March 2009

i thought i'd be alone in blogland for a long time and no one would be interested in my little crafty stories, and then today wham 6 followers and a comment. it's strange for this thrills me and also fills me with terror that other people can see that i'm a crafts person now, its hard to put your handmade stuff out there for public display after holding back for so long,
does anyone else feel this way?

i thought i leave a personal photo for today of my maisie boo, this sums up the season for me at the moment spring all wrapped up waiting to come out leaving winter behind it.
Spring is almost here i can smell it, or at least i can almost taste that strawberry.


  1. Anonymous26/3/09 15:15

    I still find it hard putting my stuff on my website or MISI, I agonise over it, question myself all the time whether said item is good enough, will people like it - oh the list goes!

    One day it will get easier!


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