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25 April 2009

Birthday Lampies

A couple of weeks ago was my birthday, so as a treat to myself i bought some beautful lampies from Deborah at Glassmania's Misi shop. Now i love beads and making things with them and have used very simple lampwork beads in my creations before but i've never bought ones of this standard before, however i've not posted about them yet as i wanted some alone time just to look and feel them , weird, maybe. You decide.


  1. they are lovely beads! i totally understand the want to look & feel, i do that with my wool lol. can't wait to see what you turn them into x

  2. OMG Thank you, you said some lovely things about me and brought a tear to my eyes. I was lost for words for the first time ever, I think !!

  3. Only a fellow bead addict will understand your need to 'stroke' your new beautiful lampies...I'm with you 100% hun, feel away lol :O)


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