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8 May 2009

Emerald Showcase Friday

hi there, we're on week two for the Emerald month of May & my little showcase is above.
It was lovely to see the sudden surge of this beautiful colour after my last showcase & I hope all the people involved got a fee more viewings or even better some sales.
Last week I just had Misi & Folksy peeps in the showcase but this week we have some Etsy peeps & a blogger I love, there's a couple more Emerald Fridays then onto Pearl for June.

1. Emerald Feather Headband - Beanandthesprout @Etsy
2. Angel Charm - Talking Beads @ MISI
3. Zodiac Charm Bracelet - Mystic Earth @ MISI
4. Faceless Rabbit - Wee Wonderfuls a beautiful blog to inspire.
5. Waiting - by Sascalia @ Folksy
6. Jellyfish diver - Elysiumdesign @ Etsy an amazing dress
7. Dragonfly Dreams - Songbeads @ Folksy
8. Earth Goddess - Starflowers @ MISI
9. Spiral Earrings - Mauri Ann @ MISI

you know how it works, fancy a look click on there name & you should pop there,
if not let me know so I can fix it.
Hope you enjoy my choices, have a great evening.

1 comment:

  1. Great picks! I really love the Earth Goddess's too!


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