15 May 2009

Emerald Showcase Friday

I've got that Friday showcase feeling again, here some beautiful Emerald inspired finds to give you joy at the start of the weekend.

1. The night belongs to them- BestArtStudios2 @ etsy
2. Jingle Jangle Ring - Romilly Norman @ Folksy
3. Beanie dragon called Ostara - Tyshas store @ MISI
4. Emerald City Bracelet - Mrs Gibsons Atelier @ Folksy
5. Cute Lime Green Bunny(go meet the other bunnies there) - The Warren @ MISI
6. Green Squiggle bookmark - SprinklesSparkles @ MISI
7. Afro Hedgehog - Woolies @ Folksy
8. Screenprinted Bike Card - Paperleaf @ MISI
9. Drop of Jupiter Seaglass necklace - SeaFindDesigns @ Etsy

Hope some of you have good weather.
Love Snowflake.x.


  1. Lovely showcase hun :) Lovin' the Beanie Dragon!

    Thank you so much for featuring me :D

  2. thanks for featuring my card!

  3. Anonymous17/5/09 11:05

    Thank you for featuring Afro Hedgehog! Xx

  4. Thanks Snowflake! Great blog!!

  5. Very Nice. I like your montages and I love Green!


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