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30 July 2009

Argh, a plague on my house.

While we were on holiday we had to deal with Josh(2) having just had chicken pox, so was a bit grumpy; he did spring back by the end of the week, only for this older brother Ben(4) to get the pox on the Thursday & spend the last couple of days on the sofa watching Ben 10 and trying not to pull his own skin off.
Although we felt really sorry for them it was hard to know how to deal with kids that ill because our Maisie(3) never seems to show illness, she's had weird rashes, major ear infections with burst ear drums, bad head colds but the most she's shown for them was a crappy nights sleep, but then it happened...she got the pox, argh.

Now in a way I'm quite glad she got it now before starting school but it was a real shock to see our live wire little girl knocked out like this, we had 3 days where all she had was 3 spots & was a bit grumpy, then we woke to find her covered & she spent 2 days on the sofa sleeping for hours at a time & covering her in Chamomile lotion in between.
All of this brings me to what do you then do when they feel a little better but you can't leave the house, because nothing is more boring to a child than their own toys and mothers company, then I remembered the little felting kit we bought from Twist Fibre at Woolfest.
We had bought a flower brooch kit which contains everything you need for 6 brooches, but unfortunately doesn't contain extra calm necessary to complete the whole task with a very knackered mummy & over emotional little girl, so we did some felting experiments, there's no finished products yet as they're still drying, I'll blog about them later, but I'd recommend felting to any bored households during this boring (none)summer holidays, its messy enough to be fun & you may get some very strange but fun accessories too.

We also made cakes, for the post illness recovery.
They seem to have done the trick.
We just have to wait and see if Lucas get pox now.


1 comment:

  1. Oh, goodness, poor little thing! Mine has just a few teeny spots at the moment, but I remember from when her elder sister had it that this is just the tip of the iceberg! Thanks for the felting tip, that looks fun, we'll have a go tomorrow.


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