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19 July 2009

I Got Tagged.

Before my holiday I was tagged by Jean of Talking Beads with a list of random getting to know questions, you've then to tag 8 other people but I'm changing it to 9 you'll understand when you read on, here goes.

Your current obsession: Looking at all the materials I could buy if rich & dreaming of the beautiful things I could make if only I had them.
Weirdest Obsession: the number 9 its my favourite, I like other odd numbers too 3 is also especially good 3x3=9, ah great numbers.
What are you Wearing: Just home from work so office gear.
What is for Dinner: Just had rice, with roast veg, having strawberries for pud.
Favourite Book: The Time Travellers Wife, but it makes me cry and Stephen Kings The Stand.
Last Thing you Bought: A pink top I didn't really want but mine was soaked through in rain.
What can you hear right now: The Tweenies and the noisy laptop fan.
Favourite flavour of Ice Cream: I real like plain vanilla with real vanilla pods in.
What do you think of the person who tagged you: I only know her through the cyber community but I think thats how lots of friendships will be made in the future.
Where in the world would you go if I gave you a plane ticket: Oz, I've got loads of friends there that I'll never be able to afford to see.
Which language would you learn: Spanish, I could almost do it school.
Who do you want to meet right now: My Grandma Pinguey, shes very missed.
Favourite Colour: Turquoise
Favourite item of clothing: Comfy jeans and white vest.
What size shoes are you: 7, sometimes a 6 & strangley a size 5 in Berkinstocks
You have £100 to spare, what will you buy: Beautiful glass beads
Favourite time of day: Early morning as long as I got a good nights sleep beforehand.
Who's style do you most admire:
What is your own style: Confused at the minute, left overs from maternity clothes.
What are you going to do next: Probably move my 8 month son off more dangerous househole items, normally speaker wires.
Favourite Films: True Romance, best love story ever.
Favourite Fruit: Strawberries.
What inspires you: Random acts of kindness.
What Music is your favourite this week: Nina Simone, NIN, Leonard Cohen & Faithless.
Do you have a dream job:Owning a craft shop with cafe & gallery.
What is stopping you: Just money
What would you change in the world: Take away the worlds debt, & teach prople to live a simpler way of life respecting each other as human beings.
Favourite animal: Cat.
Favourite Tool: Round nose pilers or maybe my glue gun.
What would your job have been in Victorian times: Probably a Jack the Ripper victim.

For the taggees, you just copy above, paste and fill in the answers with yours.
People I am now tagging are: Ruby Blue, Made by Val, Snugbaby Slings, Scavenger Bird,
lauren ceramics, Beadypool, kitschycoo, The Beading Lady, Lej-Jewellery.

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