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9 November 2009

And time ticks on

Today is my beautiful baby boys FIRST birthday, I truly feel that I've lost months somewhere along the line because that went way too fast.

And along with the happiness of this event is the guilt which seems to go hand in hand with motherhood, the thoughts of not wanting to go back to work, to be away from him & Maisie his sister, the "what ifs" and the "never good enoughs.", The "am I giving you enough?" but then I'm reminded of our bedtime reads and to calm the beasts you simply have to say"shh, be still" and stare it in the eye, and control is restored.

So at the beginning of your second year Lucas my promise to you is to just enjoy the times of being still, and enjoying what we have because that really is the best anybody can do.
I Love You, my sweet boy.

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