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11 January 2010

Baby, its cold outside

Now I'm going to tell you a little secret, come closer....

Whoo, there I said it.
Today in our anti-snow country its a bit daunting to say such things but there is something so pretty about everything being wrapped in a blanket of white, like nature pulling the duvet over and saying hey I wanna stay in bed.
I know for some its been a traumatic time, falls, frozen pipes, no heating, broken bones, no bread, chilblains, schools closed etc... but I think it has given a lot of people myself included a wonderful opportunity to slow down and enjoy life, and their family.
My Christmas as usual was a hurried affair, working in retail I worked till late Christmas Eve and was back in 8am Boxing day, but the snow made everything last longer, I enjoyed going everywhere a little slower, staying inside crafting while drinking hot chocolate, playing in the snow, explaining weather systems to my 3 year old, watching my husband building a snowman with her, seeing Lucas touch snow for the first time, going sledging together, all this is more precious than any commercial bought gift could be.
Wishing for more snowy times ahead.


  1. Anonymous11/1/10 17:03

    That photo is funny considering what I have posted today! Made me smile.(Apart from the bit about wishing more snowy times ahead!!)

  2. Anonymous11/1/10 18:51

    Sounds like you didn't get much time off over Christmas then, I'm so glad I work from home!! Yes, the weather has been pretty awful but very scenic. I live in north Northumberland so get the same local news as you (I think), and we were finally mentioned the other night, a report from Wooler where it's been more or less the same as where I live, absolutely horrendous. So glad it's started to thaw.

    You have some very precious memories to treasure there, hope you took plenty photographs.

    CJ xx

  3. I LOVE SNOW TOO !!!! Your picture is lovely and you live in a beautiful part of the country. I went to the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales for my first walking holiday , this year. I was tempted to go further up the country but ran out of time !!! I am from Wiltshire, we have had some snow and are due to get more from tomorrow . I think I am the only person who does not mind. I work from home !!

  4. Enjoy it Tazbride, and remember to get outside and play while you can.


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