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22 January 2010

for the love of Ripple

Well I've not blogged for a while and this is the reason why

I'm obsessed with crocheted ripple design, although in my eagerness to skip ahead I started a mammoth throw first (craft madness sometimes takes me over)only for it descend into chaos and have to be frogged, when sanity reined me back in I thought making a cushion first would be a better testing piece. And there it is in all its almost finished glory, I love this colour combination its so warm and snuggly, and you just can't help stoke those curves.
If you're interested in taking your crocheting to waves there's some great tuition guides and beautiful blogs on the subject at Attic 24, Rosie little things and The Purl Bee.

I'll update soon with the finished result.
Although this is a new skill for me I don't think it can be taken off my goal list as its just an extension of crochet which I knew how to do already.

What are you crafting? and are you hoping to learn a new crafting skill this year?


  1. Anonymous22/1/10 12:27

    That is GORGEOUS!

    Craftwise I'm working on some dolls right now and hoping that I'll learn to crochet this year :)

  2. Your ripple cushion looks gorgeous! I just learned to crochet last year so I'm hoping to do some more advanced stuff in 2010 - I'd love to make a huge, colourful blanket.

    Please accept this well deserved Sunshine Award - check out the details at my knitty/gardening blog:

  3. wow my fist blogging award.
    it looks so pretty.


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