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1 January 2010

Out with the old...

And so I wave a welcome goodbye to 2009, not a completely bad year; I've made some amazing new (and mostly crafty) friends, seen my children grow far to quickly before my eyes , started my business, seen friends & family children grow strong, done craft fairs, and seen 3 friends start families too.
However I've also seen major illnesses, deaths, grief, job & money worries, friends & family suffering mental & physical illness, and the world itself suffering greatly through natural & man made problems.
All these things often keep me from my sleep at night and although I'd love to fix the worlds ill I cannot, and that is quite a realisation for me.

Instead I've made some goals for this year & if I accomplish these then I can ask no more from the year I'll be happy lady.

1. Make time to spend with my family doing nice things and staying in touch with my friends, above all housework & business.
2. Keep myself and family healthy.
3. Learn 3 new skills this year, not including the one below but hopefully knitting socks.
4. Learn to drive by September so I can take my daughter to school.
5. Complete at least 250 handmade item items, & document them here
(harder than to seems for a serial starter... I have a lot of WIP).
6. Learn to bake nice bread.
7. Get my website up and running.
8. Have my handmade items appear in 3 magazines, I know which ones I want too.
9. Learn to love the home I'm in rather than constantly thinking I'll sell it soon & not enjoying living in what is a perfectly acceptable house.

Well they are my goals for now, more may be added later but I'll work on these for now, and just to start here is our family enjoying a snow day sledging

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