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13 February 2010

RE inspired

Something I discovered recently is that I want to make pieces I'll love making & selling them would just be a way of sharing those finished items with others; rather than making things that I think people would like and would need to buy.
This came to me at the Love Christmas Farye I did just before Christmas, I'd worked my socks off making stock which I thought would sell great on the night, rushing designs(especially jewellery) and producing high street style pieces, which I sell at a low price.
Wow, did I get a kick in the butt, did I sell any of those? Err, no I sold the items I'd made unhurried and uncaring of what I thought people would want but where I found joy the process of making them.
Hmm, having a major rethink 6 months into starting in business is maybe not the best idea but better now than later.

So re-evaluation over I needed inspiration for a new collection of country cottage/nanna inspired homeware I'm developing, which just happens to coincide with me doing up my entire house.
See number 9 in my goals for the year.
Previously I'd discounted ideas thinking people won't pay what it would take to make that, blah blah, now I don't care, I'll make it & if it sells it sells, but at least I won't feel like a sell out.
As a crafter my problem is never coming up with something to make but what will I really enjoy making, you have so many fragments of ideas floating around in your head but if you pick the wrong one then you'll lose momentum and never finish. Lucky for me I was invited on a girls road trip to Corbridge about an hour away, this small beautiful village boast an amazing array of boutique and antique shops but we'd drove all this way for one shop I've wanted to visit since looking it up in an article from Red magazine.
The shop is called RE. And boy it did not disappoint.
An amazing place the staff/makers even let me take photos for this blog, so look in on them either in person or through cyberspace they're worth the look.
Below are just some of the beautiful items on display.

RE guys your products are beautiful, staff friendly, shop inspiring, and didn't put a major dent in my purse. Thanks for a lovely visit.
Thanks Amanda.x.

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