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19 June 2010

Reconstructing clothes. T-shirt to Halterneck.

I have had this T-shirt for years, it was a souvenir from my holiday in Florida which I bought as I loved its colour & motif but every Summer I take it out only to remember the reason I never wear it is it too restrictive at the neck and arms making you feel even hotter. But not this year, rather than it going to waste I'd have a go at transforming it into something more wearable.
I hope this guide helps if you want to try as well, its my first how to so feedback would be great.
The pictures are a bit dark I'm afraid as the camera didn't pick up great detail from this colour t-shirt.

Take one t-shirt to be re-fashioned one that is a snug fit works best, otherwise you may need to take in the sides.  Be brave take a deep breath & cut off the sleeves.Then remove the trim on the bottom inch of the t-shirt in one piece & keep, this will form the neck tie later on meaning you don't have to stitch one.                     

Lie the piece flat, if you wish you can draw a straight line across the body of the t-shirt under the neck opening, then cut along it.  Or like me you can just dive in and cut by guess work.

Then turning the piece so the back is facing draw a line connecting arm hole to arm hole, and cut across the back or just cut away.

The t-shirt should be looking like the below picture now, if you want to neaten the seams around the bottom now is a good time to do it, but I kept mine raw & they just roll up a bit at the bottom.

Now we need to make the halter neck  piece of the t-shirt, lay the shirt front down and turn over the top front neckline by roughly one inch, stitch across this in a matching thread or use a contrasting one for a detailed effect, leaving openings at each end this creates the drawstring for the top.

Take your trim from the bottom of the t-shirt & cut once so you have one long piece, then thread this through the seam.I did this by clipping a hair clip to one end & feeding it through, or you could use a knitting needle to push it through.  When pulled though to an even length tie a knot in each end of cord & runch front up.

Then wear, sorry its a bit of a bad picture of me but hopefully you get the idea. I made this during an episode of Doctor Who so it's a quick make to do & I love the fact that I get to wear my t-shirt now.

Loving the Summer sunshine


  1. Thats really cool!

  2. that's a great idea - definitely going to give it a go although I might need to practice on an old t-shirt first as my sewing skills are a bit rusty

  3. Anonymous20/6/10 07:54

    Looks fab! x

  4. Well done and good tute :)

  5. Thank you Kitschy,
    from you that's a huge compliment :-)

  6. Anonymous20/6/10 11:37

    Wow looks great! Well done :-) (coming via BMB)

    Have two Qs for you

    1) I do a monthly "Get Crafty" round up of crafty things to inspire others, can I feature your tshirt? This months theme is "manmade" so a tshirt fits perfectly... you can see last months "nature" as a reference!

    2) Would you be interested in doing a guest post for me? I do "friday "how tos""? We could discuss offline..

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Maggy x
    info (at) redtedart (dot)com

  7. Manda, that is fabulous. I want a t-shirt to try that on now! I may have to pinch one of Lee's or does Stu have one he might not miss (and that I'd like) so I wouldn't need to take in at the sides?

  8. if it was a blokes one you'd have to take in sides, if it was one of your own snug fit ones should be fine.

  9. Great tutorial, the end product looks amazing.

  10. Wow, what an amazing job you've done on that t-shirt!


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