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5 October 2010

First Crochet Workshop

When I say first crochet workshop I mean the first I've ever taught, eek, it was so scary. 
I think I'm pretty good as a public speaker & talking to people on a one to one basis but when it comes to actually showing 6 other people how to do your craft it's really mentally taxing.
I understand why my Nana had a hard time trying to teach me as an insistent 5 year old at her knee, I think learning crochet is a lot about muscle memory, the ebb & flow of wool through your fingers is something which becomes remembered by your hands and happens when your brain switches off.  But learning those initial skills is hard work, and you have to concentrate on every little loop.
The workshop took place at Weft Craft Studios run by the lovely Mhairi below, who played with my pom pom maker all night instead.

I find it fascinating watching peoples hands working with fibre, and I loved the age range of all the ladies attending, and that some of them actually finished a lovely little flower for their coats by the end. 
The lovely ladies and I at the end of the night, I hope they had a lovely time and as my computer won't let me attach their refresher worksheet to their email I think I'll post a how to guide on my blog.
So would anyone else like to crochet along?


  1. Please, please post a how to guide for the flower we made or in my case attempted to make.
    I've been practicing using vids off you tube but you were definitely a much better tutor! Was a good night, thank you!

  2. My computer wouldn't let me add pictures to email, so I think I'll blog it stage by stage.
    Will try to get it done this week.
    Glad you enjoyed it.x.


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