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24 February 2011

Get yer wellies on..

I think we've started to go stir crazy, tantrums, crying and trips to the naughty step are now everyday occurrences and that's just me, we had to get out of the house. 
Today the sun peeked it nose out from behind the clouds and we were off, wellies and picnic snacks grabbed, we ran for the nearest woody walk to us which is at Wreay. 

The beautiful Spring sounds and at last some sunshine brought out the poseur in Maisie and her Daddy it would seem. 

Opps, me catch out chilling in the back ground, I think Lucas' face is because he's just seen the muddy footprint of his on my white coat.
But really could any Mummy be mad at a cutie like this?
And Maisie had a bit of practise for when she becomes a famous model, I loved her styling of traditional green welly boots with frilly skirt.
I love that here the fallen trees are left for Mother Nature to deal with, which was pretty much what we did with Maisie's bike as the mud was too much for it.
Happy sunny days

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