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26 May 2011

Tutorial: Crayon Butterfly's.

 This is a sweet quick tutorial for multicoloured shaped crayons, we added these to Maisie's party bags and got good reports from parents on them.  
They maybe fun to make during the half term holidays.We use cheap silicone moulds (ours were chocolate ones from Home Bargains) and a couple of packets of wax crayons .
 Remove any paper from crayon, and chop up into small pieces, get children involved by giving them the pieces to fill up the shapes, you need to over fill the voids a little as it sinks down.
 Pop in the over Gas mark 5 for about 15minutes, or until melted down as it depends on your oven. Take out and leave to cool, once set pop them out.
Then draw something beautiful with your rainbow butterfly's.
If you make any in different shapes, please feel free to post a picture as a comment.
Thanks Amanda.x.


  1. Mel McMillan26/5/11 14:48

    What a Fab idea! X

  2. What a lovely idea.
    I don't care if I am nearly 47, I need to make some for me :)


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