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24 June 2011

#notgoingtoCyberMummy 2011

Last July I posted this post Not going to CyberMummy on my blog all about the CyberMummy conference, I still believe this and the many other conferences, networking groups and award ceremonies are a valued and valid way to meet and promote yourself. 
However the reason I started my blog hasn't changed, and neither has the feeling that business wise I'm just not ready to be "out there" yet. With a busy family life, finance tightness and a huge workload I'm just not going to CyberMummy this year.
Now last year a lot of people I knew through twitter were going, and that's great, they had a amazing time, but for those left behind we did not shrug our duties to network under the CyberMummy banner. 
New friends were made, laughs were had and it would seem a new tradition has been born. 

So here are some helpful tips:
*Get on twitter, just incase you're not already, it's strange to begin with but everyone is nice.
*Use the hash tag #notgoingtoCyberMummy if we all use the same one we could even get it trending with would be great for CyberMummy and fun for those not attending.
*No Haters- it's not about slagging off those that go, there's really no reason for that, if you wanted to go , then go.If not like Grandma said"if you can't say something nice..."
Haters will be publicly twitter tutted at by all other delegate.
* Put the badge up on your blog, if you can. I've still not become technically advance enough to make it into a widget badge but it's small enough to fit in a sidebar. Please link the badge to CyberMummy so they get a bit of linkage from our fun.

I think that's about it, CyberMummy doesn't start till tomorrow but as they all meet up across Londontown in hotels and get to know each other before the event, so should we.

Have fun, 

P.S. I understand that most people who read my blog won't have a clue what this is about,
 it's fine, nod, smile politely and walk away till the next post.

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