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7 October 2011

For the love of Granny

Some time away as I lost my camera charger but now I'm now back.
 And with some WIP to show, these are 4 of the Granny Square Blankets I'm working on, and they're growing well.  When I first started to crochet as a child my Nana had blankets like these, she'd start you crocheting round and after a while she'd start on the next colour and chase your loops as you went.
 As I crochet these and feel the yarn through my fingers I'm reminded of my Nana, her smell (Lavender perfume and Parma violets) and watching her hands wrinkled and soft working their way round behind me.
 I've used arcylic yarn to make these, which some people will barf at I know, there's a few reasons behind this decision. 
First is I'm not made of money or sponsored by a yarn company, to get the huge array of colours I like I need a reasonable priced yarn. 
Second is I'd been approached by vegans about things I make, and was told there was not alot of vegan friendly items made from lovely colourful materials.
Third is washability, I hopeing that people will buy these to be used not just for decoration, so it helps to have an easily washable yarn. 
 I love the colours of the top 3 blankets, but I'm not sure of this one, I wanted it to be bolder than usual blankets but I think I like the effect of single lines of colour.
Which colour do you like best?
Have a lovely Friday,

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