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23 October 2011

Happy Birthday Little Sis

Happy Birthday Barbara.

Today is my little Sisters birthday, I don't often tell her this but here go. 
Sis you're cool, and here's why.
* You're very clever, graduating from Physiotherapy degree First with Honours.
* You're brave, climbing big hills and flinging yourself down them wearing stupid skis(I don't like skiing).
* You've got a cute (don't tell him he'll get a big head) Irish boyfriend, who you can drink under the table.
* You're a great Auntie, even though my children terrify you.
* You own your own house before you're 30.
* You were stuck with an old ladies name and made it cool.
* You got the job you wanted, in the place you wanted, and kick ass there.
* Everyday my Daughter does something that reminds me of you, and it's funny.
* You love dressing up stupid (admit it you do).
* You have a great mantra for life that I use everyday, but I think it was probably mine first:
"smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone"

We didn't get on really well as children as our age difference didn't work well, and I was a moody teen but I'm very glad we're friends now.

Happy Birthday Chick.
Love Amanda.x.

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