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6 December 2011

Why I'm a bad crafting blogger?

Because I keeping making things and not showing the process before it's done.
I got this far on making Maisie a crochet cardigan before going "Bugger I should have blogged that", and there was plenty to blog as it's the first crocheted garment I've ever made. 
A quick run down would be I picked the pattern, printed it, started the first line of cardigans bobbles and decided I didn't like it, threw pattern away, and made up the rest. 
I got this far before even thinking to try it on Daughter.  
Yes I'm that type of crafter, but thankfully it does indeed fit and looks quite cardigan like.  
I have the yoke to finish and Maisie would like little sleeves added.
I may have to try and work out how I made it now, so I can write it up as a pattern.

 Also another crafting success but forgotten in the blogging write up was my little Mistletoe brooch, it took few goes to get this right, the hardest bits being the little bobble berries, they can end up looking quite big or messy. The brooch is now for sale in my Maisielu shop here.
I think it would make a nice gift for any Winter loving friend or relative, I have one on my jacket and it gets lots of comments.
Thank you for reading,
love Amanda.x.


  1. I wear mine all the time and people always ask me where I got need to make more for the shop :-)

  2. I love my mistletoe brooch. Thank you :)


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