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6 January 2012


Epiphany: The sudden realization or comprehension of the essence of something.

So this blog post hopefully fills in my absence from before Christmas, not Christmas is normally a very hectic time for me and this year was no exception. It's normally the best chance of getting overtime at work(Monsoon), I had my own makes and commissions to finish as well as doing all my shopping and cards etc....
I love Christmas but never actually rest long enough to completely enjoy it, all I wan to do on the day is sleep.
However this year something happened, my cousin Lesley died very unexpectedly she was 38 and left behind a loving husband and 6 young children 2 days before Christmas. She was a wonderful person and it was heartbreaking to think of her family without her. 

It made me concentrate on what actually matters, my own family, so every spare moment I had I tried to spend more time with them than doing for others, we made paper chains, I enjoyed the wonderful biscuits Hubby made with them, I tried to relax when I got home from work so I wasn't so tired when I was with them, I hugged them harder.  I loved them more. 
So sorry blogging world I was too busy to talk but I had things to do, we had Santas to visit, things to bake, gifts to make and people to appreciate; I'm sorry to say I didn't blog about any of them..
This year I enjoyed Christmas because I had the realization that it wasn't about gifts,cards,posh food, drink but family, just sat round chatting enjoying each other, and that is exactly what I did.

I hope you enjoyed your time together this year.

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