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14 May 2012

6 years, too soon.

The years have gone too fast, it seems no time at all since you were a babe in my arms and now look at the little lady you are, six today.
Bookworm, friend, big sister, pouter, creative, smiler, tea drinker, cake baker, fearless climber, artist, sulker, animal lover, you are my wobbly toothed beautiful, amazing girl. The world is a greater place for you being in it, and I can't wait to see you grow into a great lady. Just not too fast.

Love you Maisie, my baby girl.


  1. What a gorgeous birthday thought.
    I hope she has a great day.
    Huge love to you all xxx

  2. That's lovely and I now appear to have something in my eye...*cough, cough* x Happy Birthday Maisie x x

  3. Aw amanda that post made me fill up!! You should be so proud of her. She is a beautiful special miniature you xxxxx


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