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6 August 2012

Fabulous Thriftiness

Look at this amazing staff of Lego found in my favourite charity shop, any parent who loves Lego knows that it's really expensive for anything other than a small Lego man. My children are mainly trapped inside the house during these holidays, so it's a great time to get the Lego out.  However it takes a huge amount of time and money to save enough pieces to get truly creative, but the above pile cost me £3.50 and mostly filled these two boxes.
They did have some already in them but having taken the bigger Duplo style Lego out(which I'm giving to a friends child) there wasn't a lot left. It's very exciting how full they are, and yes at the moment they are all mixed up together too.
When I was young I loved the huge box of Lego at my Grandmas house, and now I understand why Grandparents always have great Lego stashes;it takes that long to build them up.
 These two are my favourite characters that I came across in the boxes, the off course there was other things mixed in there too.You always should look in your Lego pile if you lose something small.              
What's your favourite Retro toy?
Love Amanda.x.

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