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25 September 2012

Quietly Starting to Make Again

Although my crafting mojo seems to have fled of late, I have started quietly crafting away working through new products and testing crochet patterns.
 Collars are an accessory I love but really aren't sure if they match my fashion style (what style?) so I thought I'd try a couple of variations.  
This is my frilly collar based on designs I'd seen in old 1940's pictures. 

 This is my big collar, I thought I'd try it with a big bow instead of the button but I'm not sure if the ribbon works and how well it will stay tied.  
I'm going to pass this collar onto the lovely SallyTangle for testing. 
I really enjoy making these and hope to have them in my shop soon, but I'd be interested in your opinions.
Would you wear these, buy these, be interested in different colours etc?
Inquiring minds would like to know.


  1. Anonymous25/9/12 21:36

    I really like these sis. Good to see you making stuff again. About time Babs ! X x

  2. I love them both (no surprise there!) The first is really beautiful, so soft and delicate - that would be nice with ribbon too. And being somewhat of a ribbon nut, i often find big ribbon doesn't stayed fastened to very much unless you knot it(and that isnt as pretty) maybe try smaller ribbon?!? That stays put in my hair okay.

    I love them so much. You're so clever Amanda xxxxx xxxxx


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