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31 October 2012

Blessed Autumn

Not been by in awhile as I've actually been too busy, doing stuff and things and dancing; but more about that another day for this evening I just want to say Blessed be Samhain.
The slightly blurry freak cat adored our pumpkin, a nice meal eaten and scary(Fright Night-not really scary) film watched. Maisie and Lucas dressed up as a Sugar skull girl and fireman, and enjoyed a party at sister in laws, and tricker treaters visited. 
A cool day for them, but for me it signals true the end of Summer, and the start of Autumn and colder Winter days.  Samhain is the pagan celebration of the veil coming down between worlds giving us the opportunity to remember those on the other side and celebrate their lives. Giving people the time to reflect on the circle of life before having to prepare themselves for no doubt tough Winters(no hot water bottles for them). 
I'm off to snuggle on the sofa with Buffy cat (yes her real name not just for Halloween) and think about the Autumn days to come. I think I better get knitting.

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