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1 October 2012

Blue Monday

It all seems to be about the blue today, it maybe my mood, as I'm feeling slightly shabby and the rain is still coming taking away the crisp Autumn I so wanted.  
It could be Doctor Who and Tardis withdrawal, having said a tearful goodbye to The Ponds on Saturday; and having to wait till Christmas for the new series.
 The lovely nail polish is from Marks and Spencer, called Sapphire it's only £3.50. I love this colour and so far it seems to be lasting well, M&S make range is nicely priced and surprisingly up to date.
Just noticed it matches my lovely motherhood ring too.
My jumper is a great new purchase from TK Maxx, I've been looking every where for the perfect one.
It feels so soft and not at all itchy, even though I love knitting/crocheting with wool a whole jumper is a little too grand a task for me at the moment.  
It's from a brand called Brave Soul and cost £14.99. Looking on their website the same jumper is £20.  The site is lovely and I think I may have to order some stuff from them. 
I was struggling to find a jumper as most seem to be doing something strange with arm positioning at the moment, I tried a few with bat wings and they're just not me.
As I'm large chested if you buy a jumper too chunky you run the risk of looking like one huge boob.
I love the sequin sparkles on the shoulder, which I'm hoping stop me looking too Mumsy.
 Even my eye shadow was blue today, the shade is part of a trio of colours from Accessorize,which I bought for £2 in the sale.

Just to make sure I don't leave you feeling blue, I'll leave a song from the Queen of Soul Nina Simone. 
The perfect pick me up for any blue day.

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