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25 January 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Wowza where did those 2 weeks go, well mainly procrastination over my Tax Return. 
Every year I think it's scary and find ways to put off doing it. 
I Pin things, read about Chinese foot binding(uck) and mostly crochet, I started 2 blankets which hopefully I'll get photographed soon. 

So this weeks loves are Polyvore, I know I'm slow to come to this and it's been about for ages but as this looks(a really is) a eater of time, I thought I'd not investigate to much. Now Tax time is over with though I'm having a great play on this lovely way to collect and inspire.
If you're on Polyvore please come say hi, I'm a bit of a billy no mates.

Living Room Inspiration

Living Room Inspiration by amandauniquely on Polyvore

Next is home town blogger love. When I first started blogging (not knowing anyone else that did it) I felt very much like I was shouting into the ether. I didn't really have a plan or style for my blog (I still don't feel it reflects me) and I couldn't talk to anyone personally doing it. Not now, through the power of twitter I've found other bloggers in Carlisle and we're arranging a meet up.

They are such a varied and lovely bunch of people, and as I love to meet new people I can't wait for a bloggers meet up. If you want to see what their all about click on the pic to take you through.
Last but not least a little motivational speech from one of my favourite films, what you've not seen this little known indie film? Get yourself to a bargain section now and find it.
Happy weekend people
Love Amanda.x.


  1. I really love your little Friday posts :) xxxxx

  2. Hello I am a Carlisle blogger too *waves* I follow quite a few of the blogs you mention too :)

  3. Hi Anna, do you tweet? If not my email is if you'd like to join in the meetup drop me a note. Your blog is lovely and I'mm now following you :-)


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