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14 February 2013

Bed Song for Valentines

I love valentines day, after being married for so long Stu & I celebrate just by sending time together, cooking nice food(baked cheese, kingprawn curry and baked apples and ice cream) and relaxing.  Yet I still love seeing young men walking down streets holding flowers, and working in a shop you see all the gift buyers.  It gives me hope that's there still so much lovely love in the world.
I know I've mentioned Amanda Palmer in lots of posts already(I maybe a little obsessed by the lady's talents) but for Valentines day she has released a video version of Bed Song(one of my favourites). Now on the album I really liked the song, but when sung live it broke my heart and I cried listening to it (wuss I know) Amanda Palmer stated she wasn't happy with the album version, it lacked punch and tweaked it for the video, and bloody hell what a beautiful shiny new version it is. 
So readers this is my valentine for you, watch, enjoy and cry happy tears.

Love your Amanda.

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