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28 February 2013

Eye Snot Drama

Maisie got up this morning proclaiming she had yucky stuff in her eye, which her Daddy informed her was just eye snot. We wiped her eye snot away got ready for school and went about our collective days. Upon picking her up from school we were greeted by this (and a word from the teacher informing she kept calling it eye snot, guessing all the kids say it now opps) which looked like conjunctivitis to us. Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the thin layer of tissue covering the front of the eye, it's very common. Symptoms are watery eyes, itchiness, and a stickiness which can clog up eyelashes or stick eyelids together(eye snot). 
As my Husband and I wear contact lens, he also works in an opticians and we have small children(disease spreaders) we've seen this before.
We popped down to our opticians who saw her straight away and confirmed it was, and that there no other problems with her eye.
So I thought you may like some of my tips in case you find yourself with a pink eye child too. 
* There are a few different types of conjunctivitis, it can be viral, bacterial or caused by allergies/irritants. Mostly it clears up by itself without antibiotics in 5-7 days, if you have any concerns like us pop into an opticians or make a doctors appointment.

* If it's an allergy you can take anti allergy tablets and try to avoid contact again.

* If you're a contact lens user, remove them until you eye has fully healed. Make sure they are cleaned thoroughly or even better thrown away and get new ones for when you're all better.

* Good hygiene is a must, conjunctivitis is easily spread, especially to other family members.
Wash hands regularly, and avoid sharing towels, flannels or pillows.

* You can use cool boiled water on a cotton pad to remove any stickiness, and you can ask the chemist for eye drops to help sooth the redness.

* There is no need to stay off school or work, as long as hygiene levels are maintained.

* These are just my own understandings and experiences, if you need more information the NHS page for Conjunctivitis is here, or contact your GP.

Hopeful for a speedy recovery

1 comment:

  1. Poor thing, I hope it clears up soon! At least Stuart is to blame for the phrase 'eye snot'... :)


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