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23 March 2013

Friday I'm in Love

With: holiday planning
In one week, yes one week, myself, Husband Stu, 2 kids, in-laws, sister-in-law, her Husband and their 2 kids are heading off to Orlando. Ten of us, yep ten, are going for 2 weeks of sunshine, Gators, Disney and more sunshine. I cannot wait. We've been trawling books and websites for months now to chose what things will suit all ages and I think some things are still been fixed on.
We've been to Orlando before as a group, but we didn't have kids then so didn't go near Disney. Sticking to Seaworld and Discovery Cove, of which we're doing again as they're amazing. We do have Disney tickets this time though and I think the kids little heads may explode with excitement when they finally see Cinders Castle.

With: Neil Gaiman's Radio 4 production of Neverwhere.
I've always loved this story of the world below, of the people who fall through the gaps of society and time. What more, look at that cast line up a geek could explode from such amazing casting all in one place. You can hear it on the BBC Radio4 site HERE.

With: Monsoon turning 40 years old.
I feel lucky to have a job in retail where the company tries hard to care for their staff while keeping great ethical standards. It's been lovely looking through all the old images of different campaigns, having worked there 9 years I remember quite a few of them personally. 
I think Sophie Dahl was one of my favourites, she looked very womanly I especially loved the Winter campaign she did, well with that cardi who wouldn't. I didn't buy it at the time as it sold out so quickly and I always thought about making myself one someday.
Jodie Kidd didn't seem to model a lot of our clothes but did become patron of The Monsoon Trust.
The latest campaign features another 40 year in Yasmin Le Bon joined by her daughter Amber, her style seems to work well with the Heritage clothes line. Most of which I want in my wardrobe now.

With: Lastly I'll leave you with a wee clip of the Doctor Who Prequel, I'm mega excited for the return of The Doctor but I'll be holiday when it starts, eek. However it will be great to recover from jet lag with a pizza and 3 episodes in a row instead. I'm all about the silver linings.
Happy weekend what ever your plans.


  1. I'm currently planning a trip to orlando too!! though i have a few months to wait, it's so exciting!!

    Lauren xx

  2. Whoop for you going too, the weather will be even better when you go. Keep an eye out as I hope to blog about each major place we go to. Is there anything you want me to find out while there?


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