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23 April 2013


When we came to Florida 8 years ago without children we went to the town of Celebration, it's such a strange place we had to take the children to see it. Celebration was built in the early 90's by Disney to reflect what it sees as a perfect community and old style values.
The town centres around Market Street and the Lake, which has seats and benches to enjoy the view of the local wildlife. We saw lots of squirrels, birds, turtles and even a couple of Gators. 
The town it amazingly clean, and spooky in it's perfectness. The trees have speakers next to them to pump out soft jazz music as you walk through streets based around 1950s design. I must say I could easily get sucked into living in this beautiful place and can image working on the crochet sat in one of these rockers. If I win the lottery I think this may become my retirement village.

The best thing Celebration has is it's wide open spaces, and this fountain that the kids were desperate to run through. Around the lake is a lovely pathway with signs showing what wildlife you can spot
Lucas especially loved it here as he had more freedom and didn't have to hand hold the whole way round, he is a cheeky boy.
Half way round the lake we came upon a bike hire place which looked great , we passed loads of people riding around on bikes shouting goo Morning as they went(yep that type of place). Now the thought of organised 10 of us onto bikes  filled me with dread, I'm quite scared of hire bikes since a different holiday biking accident years ago but they had the answer it that called an Oxford bike.This was a 2 or 4 seater bike  with a seat at the front for kids, it cost $50 dollars for the hire of both for an hour, we were given a mapped out route taking you on a basic route around the town taking in the different house styles and play parks.
We had fun spotting all the Easter decorations on the houses, one had giant eggs in it's hedge.
I would really recommend doing this, it was so much fun and really relaxed. Well as long as your not trying to take the racing line round corners or let 4 year old navigate. We headed of for dinner in an all American style dinner in town and then hit a water park for the afternoon. This was probably the best Easter Sunday I've ever had and not even a chocolate egg in sight.

Before I go i'd like to show you these pictures my lovely husband took(above and below), he took his fancy pants camera to Florida, which to be honest I was sometimes cross with it, he had a rucksack with lens to carry round.and I had everything else to lug round. I felt like a packhorse by the end of the day, tired and in charge of everything for the kids I could have thrown the camera in the lake sometimes. I'm really glad I didn't, his pictures are wonderful, he has a great eye for detail and is amazing at capturing the natural smiles and fun of children as well as their off guard spirit. I hope someday he'll sell his work so others can enjoy it too.
Long may he continue as I see a wonderful future of beautiful images filling our walls and albums, our children will have some beautiful times to look back on.
Make sure to add Celebration to your Orlando holiday, it would be the perfect place to relax away from the parks for a morning, and remember that sometime children need to run wild.

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