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14 June 2013

Friday I'm In Love...

With: Real tea leaves from Bluebird Tea Co. I believe there's nothing better than a good cup of tea but normally plumb for Twinnings teabags over leaves in my haste.
 My friend Sally got a wonderful glass teapot for Christmas and I too wanted a lovely teapot, but they all seemed so pricey when I'd rather spend my cash on what's going inside. I was so glad when this beauty smiled at me from my local charity shop for the grand price of £2.50.

I'd followed a few tea companies on twitter and Bluebird seemed far the nicest. I ordered an Experience pack. a selection of 5 teas and they very kindly sent some new product samples through too. 
The teas I choose to try were Lady Lavender Grey, Dozy Girl, Earl Grey Creme, Hot Mama Jama and Love Potion. I was sent a sample of Mint Chocolate Rooibos, Raspberry Beret and this beautiful little teabag of the Earl Grey Creme; which tasted just as lovely as the pot version.
I've not yet tasted them all, but they'll need a post of their own to celebrate how lovely they are.

With: The complete randomness of the British weather. we had some gloriously hot days in Cumbria, and we have what can be described as changeable. 
This is the beautiful view from my side window at 5pm, blue skies and blinded by sunlight.

This is my dining room window taken at the same time, with a storm brewing. 
As a Cumbrian I'm well used to carrying a bag with waterproof jacket, brolly, sunscreen and an umbrella.
I hope you're getting real Summer sunshine where ever you are.

With: Boris, my new (kind of) bike.
I really need to get fitter, and have been having some trouble making the school drop off and then to work on time, so getting a bike seemed the perfect solution. I would have loved a vintage style one but to be truthful they intimidate me with their tallness and skinny wheels.
I bought Boris from a charity/company called Rebike in Carlisle, which saves old bikes from landfill, fixes them up and sells them on. Boris cost £55 which I think is a bargain, and I feel some crafty refurbishment coming on. I'm pinning all my inspiration here.

With: Fashion, well not really I have a huge love hate relationship with clothes in general. I never feel right in most my choices, and at 36 feel I have no style of my own. However I'm loving some new buys this week, my oh so Summery Porcelain Print top which has blue china including teapots on for £39 and the minty teal Laurel 3/4 length sleeve cardi £39, both these are from Monsoon and look great when matched with coral accessories.

With: New shoes, these beautiful Henderson Cute Brogues are in the Clarks sale, reduced to £34.99. I love the metallic colour of them, as I think it will go with everything but I'm not sure the socks are for me. However any other socks look strange, I think you can only wear brogues with ankle socks, even if you do feel 5 wearing them.These are from George@Asda and are only £4.50 for 4 pairs.
I also like this camera angle which makes my legs seem a little slimmer.

With: Feeling superior for having read the book first. I will try to explain this without using spoilers although be aware the video may give some plot away. 
I love The Game of Thrones books and read all of them in less than a month, when the TV series was made I was dubious that it would capture as much of characters lives as the books did, and as usual it's played on Sky first, which I don't have, so I have to wait for the boxset. 
I was not disappointed by the show, which effortlessly fills out the books and splits them in all their gory and glorious detail onto the screen. Being on twitter means when the show is on Sky I get a twitters view of the action and can guess where in the series they are, last weeks episode was the Red Wedding. 
Safe to say it's quite dramatic and shocking. The video below shows peoples reactions while they watched the end scene, and some of them are hilarious. I love that people can be so engrossed with storytelling, not just on screen but in books too. I had a similar reaction when reading this scene in a cafe and a lady stopped to ask me if I was okay. 
For those watching the series, just wait till Joffery's Wedding, I can't wait to see the reaction video for that episode.

Have a great weekend folks.

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  1. Barbara pinguey22/7/13 19:43

    Love this! Ur top reminds me of grandma p's tea sets! X x


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