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27 November 2013

All Shiny and Floral.

So any one who has followed me for a while will have noticed a bit of a change in the landscape around here. The page is all floral, clean and a beautiful tidy place to be. 
I'd hated my old blog design for a long time, I tried to play with the design but it was never want I completely envisioned. I can make pretty things with my hands but I always miss the mark when it comes to computer design. I know what I want but can't make it appear, it drives me mad.

My blog was starting to feel like the room in your house that you find the time to decorate, you just don't want to spend time there, or keep the lighting dim. 

That's where Jen from Magic Feather Designs came in, we'd already met at a Cumbria Bloggers meet up and I'd seen lots of her fabulous designs appear on blogs. I booked her services and it was worth every penny to rejoice in my lovely blog, it still needs some extra work on my part but love it. 
Being the doofus I am I didn't take a before screenshot, but hears a picture of my old signature just to show the difference.
The actual design process is very easy (well I wasn't doing it) as you get sent a questionnaire style document to run through, which covers all parts of your blog. Once that's done she came up with a rough design to work from, she was very patient with my ramblings of and I'd like flowers here and badges there and oh can we add this, and this, and do this....
And then poof it's all yours, done and wonderful and just want you wanted.

So if you're feeling like your blog is the shabby room in your life, I would hesitate to get Jen in for the job.

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