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7 April 2014

Clip n Climb - Maryport

We had the pleasure this weekend to get up and about on the Clip n Climb at Maryports Wave Centre, the centre houses several different climbing walls for all abilities.
Clip n Climb Maryport - Almost at the top.
Children under 10years have to be accompanied by an adult, which Stuart didn't mind one bit, and he had as much fun as the children did. Here's Lucas and Stuart going head to head.
Clip n Climb Maryport - Father and Son head to head.
Clip n Climb Maryport - Maisie going for the top.
Maisie loves climbing but did get really cross with herself for not getting to the top of any of the walls, I think the sheer amount of choice was overwhelming but I'm sure she'll make it next time.
Clip n Climb Maryport - Just hanging about.
Clip n Climb Maryport - Just hanging about.
It cost £6.50 for Lucas, £10 for Maisie and £15 for Stuart but these were peak time prices off peak is normally half this and they run special price offers too. I think it was good value even paying the peak price as the children and Stuart enjoyed it for the full hour.
Clip n Climb Maryport - How far have you got?
Clip n Climb Maryport - Maisie going against the clock.
If you're looking for some indoor fun during the school holidays or weekends this would be a great choice, there are centres across the country and it can be booked online.
Clip n Climb Maryport - Lucas climbing.

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