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6 May 2014

A passion for living. #BEDM

I know this subject was to be about what's your passion to make money from in the future, and I have plenty of things I feel passionately enough about to go at making money from them, I'm actually working on it with a couple already but instead I want to talk about your HEART.
I belong to a ladies business networking group and in October 2013 we all received free CPR training through the Heartstart program, and as part of this used a small piece of equipment called a defibrillator unit which instructed you in it's use and could administer a life saving shock to a person if needed. These units can be assessed with a code given to you by the emergency services when you call for help, and could save vital minutes keeping the persons heart going till help arrives.
Following the training we made enquiries to find the locations of any local defibrillator machines and were shocked to discover there are 2 public access defibrillators in the Carlisle both at our train station, a huge hike from anywhere in town. 
In fact there aren't many machines across Cumbria at all.  
Those who received the training therefore decided to set up a new charity; Tic Toc to raise funds with the aim of placing defibrillators across Carlisle and the surrounding areas and promoting every one having CPR training across Cumbria.
This is a demo of the unit in use, it's quite Americanised but you get the idea. These units are simple enough that young children can be trained in their use. Those first minutes a person goes down are so important, and if someone can administer any help by way of CPR or a defib. unit it could make a huge difference. 

Having been taught first aid as a child through St.Johns Ambulance I've felt it's always instilled a level of confidence in me to deal with emergency situations. I feel with a passion that all children should be taught first aid in schools so give them that confidence and I joined Tic Toc to help promote that. I hope to raise awareness of CPR training, the use of defibrillator units, look at heart health issues and raise funds for a unit.
If I can raise the funds for just one machine, surely it's worth it for the chance to save a life.

Do you know if you have a machine locally?
If you have any questions about this just pop them in the comments or message me. 



  1. We have two defibrillators in Swarthmoor village, Cumbria. The village is saving up for a third.

  2. Hi Helen thanks for the comment, it's great to know some defibs. are already out there and villages are helping build them up. Tic Toc gets a super deal on purchasing the units so let us know if you require any help :-)

  3. Thanks very much Amanda, I will pass the information on to our Debif organisers xx


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