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26 May 2014

Bank Holiday Blues #BEDM

Today being a Bank Holiday and the start of the half term, and with the idea in mind that the kids would find it great fun(they did last year) we headed to Carlisle New Music City a free music event held in the city.
Their reaction though to being brought into the great outdoors was that of, Is this it? What now? I'm bored. Grr, there's no accounting for taste because I thought the bands we saw were fantastic. The Alleys, My Little Brother and The Fiona Clayton Band all blew the clouds away in our city centre

Lucas did enjoy a good dance to the tunes but I made the mistake of giving them Skittles as a band breaktime snack. It was too many additives I think and seemed to turn them both into powerhouses of silliness and shulks, oh well we live and learn.
 Yep silly times indeed.
As for Maisie she's currently going through an anti photo stage and this was the only one I managed to take, I think this was the only time she sat still and then it was to complain that the music was too loud and she wanted a cup of tea. I think she's 8 going on 80.
I hope you've had a relaxing time with your family this Bank Holiday and got to go somewhere nice, 
whether they liked it or not. 
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