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3 May 2014

Weekends and Mornings. #BEDM

Saturday morning feel a bit strange in our house, recently I changed my hours at Monsoon to concentrate on my own businesses and this change means I no longer work on weekends. Now as someone who's worked in retail since I was 15; weekends off were something to be dreamed about, booked off in advanced, for a reason and to be used wisely. Hence now I feel at a loose end given a Saturday morning of non rushing with the children, cartoons in the background and still wearing slippers at 9am. Don't get me wrong I still use the weekends wisely, they are now the time to clean, wash school uniforms, tidy a week of mess and organise. 
However nothing gets done on an empty stomach, and as part of my new healthy life program I need to force myself to eat a correct breakfast. It's hard to change things that you've got into a routine doing, normally breakfast would be toast smothered in butter and jam, with super sweet coffee gulped at breakneck speed while trying to dress children and feed the cat. I've started the Curves Complete diet but am struggling with breakfast, it requires a high measure of protein and after a week of shakes(with spinach) and eggs today I gave up and went for Granola, yogurt and fruit.  I still have my morning coffee(made in a little stovetop maker) but no sugar. Cutting sugar out my tea and coffee has been a huge thing to change for me, but after 3 weeks it's starting to taste wrong any other way.  Over breakfast coffee is the best time to write your lists for the day, it's especially nice when you've got lovely stationery to do it in.
Today though I could see the boredom in the children's eyes from first thing, they normally have enough to occupy them for Saturdays, homework, cartoon watching, clarinet playing, den making, cake eating...but not today. So we headed into the town centre for a peek at the Pirelli Car Rally that was on, thinking the views of cool cars would entertain them.
You may have heard of Pirelli as a big tyre manufacturer, they have a huge factory in Carlisle so the name is very well known locally. They hold the Pirelli PB Foundation Rally every year to raise funds on behalf of Richard Burns a driver that died of a brain tumour in 2001, and it takes place across Cumbria.

I actually don't know anything about Rally Cars, I like watching it on telly and think it would be awesome to be in one. The children were confused about where you'd put the car seats in. It was a great atmosphere, and the drivers were mingling with all the visitors while waiting for the race to start, it seemed like a very pleasing sport to be a fan of.
With all the cars off in a puff of exhaust, we had tea and toasted sandwiches in town, bought some activity magazines and heading home to spend the afternoon colouring, puzzling and crafting the day away.
Our morning was quickly over in small measures of joy and new things to see, but every morning seems that way with children, and you never truly seem to have a routine.

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  1. Oh wow, weekends off! That's fantastic! How are you getting on with Curves? I do Moky once a week and swim but I've always been too scared to join a gym! I know Curves is ladies only so maybe that would make me more comfortable. That breakfast looks yummy too!


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