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13 May 2014

What's my style? #BEDM

I have a confession to make, in April I turned 37 and I still don't feel I have any personal style. 
I've worked in a clothes shop for 10 years now and help people dress and feel more confident, but I can't do it for myself. I know what clothes I like but they never look or feel right on me, I never really feel like me; this is more a problem in my thinking than in how I actually look. 
It's been a problem from my teenage years, having been bullied at school for not having trendy clothes or wearing the right brands, it always weighs on my mind when I choose now; leaving me to pick things I think people would like rather than what I really want. I'm quite good at hiding my style stress but find it's getting worse as I get older, I just want to feel confident for a change. 

This weekend I had the joy of attending Blogtacular, a blogging conference in London, and before I went ended up stressing about clothes, image etc... I shouldn't have worried as while there I met the loveliest, bunch of accepting people there ever was. As soon as I entered all my worries eased away. 
I'll talk about the whole experience in another post, but I while there I learnt some great advice from some great speakers and business women.

A group of attendees from Blogtacular blogging conference.
Photograph courtesy of MollieMakes

1 comment:

  1. Amanda, you alway look lovely, and come across as being very happy in yourself. You have a great sense of style, and carry off everything you wear with aplomb x


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