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30 April 2009

A crafters road safety measure.

my daughter goes to a country nursery in a place called Crosby, now as a small village with a school and popular nursery in the centre of it they have prolems with cars coming through the village too fast, however this week they had an idea to have a police man stand before the village with radar gun....

or is it in fact this amazing scarecrow ......

the village has a scarecrow hunt where you have to walk around and spot the scarecrows, some look very real.
more photos will follow after we've found them all.


  1. what a great idea, bet a few people didn't see the funny side though, miserable sods

  2. We used to do something very similar to this in a little village in Cheshire called Plumley. Some of the scarecrows that they used to produce there were really good as well, but I have to admit, one that slows traffic down outside a nursery can't be at all a bad idea!


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