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15 February 2013

Friday I'm in Love.

With all things: 
Skull like, these were just some of my favourite fashion finds through Polyvore (still another Friday fave)

Judging by the prices of some of these beauty's in a way I'm glad I'm not a slave to fashion, if I bought all these my whole family would be on beans for most the year. However the highstreet is full of lovely skull themed products. I'm sure I can sneak some of those into my wardrobe this Spring. 

I also love: Friday date night, it's not something that often happens but this evening the kids went for a sleepover at Grandmas and Stu and I got to treat our selves to a nice tea and early drinks.
Carlisle as opened a lovely new bar called HellBelow & Co.
The building as been done up to a great standard, I hate shiny, plastic modern looking bars crammed into beautiful old buildings which seem to be the way most places do refurbishment. Here they're worked with the feel of the building to create somewhere new, old and relaxing all at the same time. It's a very mellow place, which on a night out anywhere in Carlisle is a novelty.
The drinks are reasonably priced and the food wonderful, full of flavour and freshly made. 
We had cheese stuffed bell peppers, followed by Piccante (pepperoni &chilli) and Rustia pizza (parma ham, blue cheese & rocket). Cocktails for pud, well for meanyway; Stu stuck to his craft beer.

I also love: My Samsung WB150 digital camera
I've had this since Christmas and I love how easy it is to use (reviews, stats etc) it's got a sharp focus, quick to change settings and handy enough to carry around all day. 
Perfect for a blogging girl like me. 
I also have a Cannon Coolpix L310  which I bought last August but have hardly used(I'll be ebaying it soon), when my last Samsung camera broke I decided I wanted a bridge camera and full on DSLR camera being out of my league on price and usability. However my Sister in Law and Husband both got DSLR cameras in quick succession , with my added large camera I felt when our children got together we were like the paparazzi, and I feel too cut of from what I'm photographing with a large camera.  
My Christmas money from my Dad went on buying this next step up from my old model, it's wonderful and not too pricey, if you're looking for a great camera you can't go wrong with this one.

And last but not least I love: Feel good movies, this would be a perfect Sunday afternoon; The Princess Bride, Knight's Tale and Stardust. All should be watched while wearing PJs and snuggling loved ones while eating cheese and crackers.
Happy weekend

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