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21 December 2013

Living Autumn Vicariously

On this the Winter Solstice I normally feel sorry to leave Autumn behind, as a season I love it; the change from hazy Summer to glowing Autumn colours is just beautiful. This year in Britain was no exception, the months have been crisp and the turning of the leaves exceptional. 
However with starting a new business, and trying to juggle a job and home life as well this year I've lived Autumn vicariously through the blogs of others.
Here are some of my favourites: 
Sallytangle  - With stunning photography and Sally's unique take on beauty around her, which joyfully happens to be my home town too, her wonderful bloggings keep me glowing for hours later. 
As well as wanting a Walnut Whip.

Kat Goldin - Not only is Kat's photography inspirational (she runs courses on Capturing the best from from Childhood photography) for me she is a great blogging roll model. As a mother, struggling with business, family life and every day household dramas, it's lovely to read a blog that covers similar subjects, it gives me hope that I can succeed in my future endeavours. 
Having followed her blog for a couple of years now I've seen her business grow into something amazing, and with Blogtacular coming next year this is certainly a lady to keep and eye on. 

Cider with Rosie - Okay I'll admit it, I am totally jealous of this lady's beautiful life. Her photographs are glorious, and her blog a constant happy place to retreat to, her fashion pieces are especially nice as they are all actual wearable outfits which I feel would fit all shapes and sizes.
It's a blog I love to delve into, and has not helped with my broodiness for a puppy. 

I hope if you don't follow these great blogs already you'll take some time to peruse them, maybe like me unable to enjoy the escaping season you're living vicariously through others. 
Autumn this year may have been a missed season for me, but Winter and I are going to be best friends. 
Joyful Winter Solstice to you all, 

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