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5 May 2014

Cinco de Mayo #BEDM

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of freedom for Mexico and as such is used as a way of celebrating Mexican culture around the world. Anyone who knows me knows of my love of Mexican things, I think it's their use of colour, bold and strong. I'd love to visit this beautiful country one day but till then I can only dream
One of my favourite Mexicans is Frida Kahlo, whose work I studied at school, and fell in love with. In recent years she's become iconic, used in media and especially in the last year fashion (I still think we've got a Summer of Mexico yet) I think this is due to the opening of her beautiful wardrobe to the world in 2003.
Little was known of Fridas wardrobe after her death as it was kept sealed in the house she shared with her Husband Diego Rivera, but after his death the house and wardrobe became a museum to their lives.
A lot of the pieces are the corsets and casts that held her broken body together, as she continued to work through pain and heartbreak. I'll post some of the pieces below and if you haven't already look into Fridas live please take the time to do it, or watch the wonderful film Frida for an insight into this brilliant women who deserves to be known for more than wearing flowers in her hair. 

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