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20 May 2014

My Big Adventure #BEDM

I consider trying to become healthy as a lifetime adventure that I'm taking the slow path on, I'd rather take it slow and it last a life time. So here I am 6 weeks after starting. It was suggested before I started overly worrying about diet I just concentrate on building an exercise routine, this seemed perfect advice as I automatically found myself eating healthier and making better choices.
Now so far I've not really gone into facts and figures and really this for me was always about health rather than weight but... this week I was measured and weighed and body fat tested.
Results so far: I have lost 2.80lbs of body fat which takes me off the chart for Obese in the BMI index.
                      More exciting for me I have lost 10.25 inches from my overall body measurements, 
                      proving to myself I'm toning up and the exercise is working.
My big adventure into healthy living.
Over the past 6 weeks I've been implementing small changes to my life and trying to make them into habits. 1.  Drop added sugar. I used to take 2 sugars in my tea & coffee and I drink a lot of those , probably adding up to ten plus teaspoons of sugar a day. Now it's no more, it's a habit not to have it. Adding sugar now just tastes wrong. 
2. Walk 10,000 steps every day. Now this isn't always possible but having it there as a challenge is great, I've been using the Noom app on my phone to track the steps. 
3. Drink 2 litres of water a day. I've got water bottles everywhere at home, meaning if I see one I drink it. I also make sure I have a refillable bottle in my handbag all the time as it tends to be up town when I'm tempted to buy a fizzy drink. 
4. Set up a Pinterest board to motivate and inspire. 
This was the first picture I Pinned and I did start to see small differences at 4 weeks, jeans a bit looser, I had to buy new bras as they were twisting but the biggest difference I've seen is this... my knees. For a long time I've hated them, they seemed to have a little podgy side bits and now I've started to love them again. I'm slightly worried about excess skin having heard others horror stories about dieting and fitness, so morning and night I'm smothering myself in this Soap and Glory body creme to hopefully spring back into shape. 
My adventures of a healthy life.
If you have useful links, hints or tips please leave them in the comments below, I hope to be posting weekly from now on with my own. Thanks for reading. 

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