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17 July 2014

It's just hair Mummy...

In May on her 8th birthday, my daughter Maisie had her first real haircut; until then I'd trimmed the ends but only that. Her hair though beautiful was so hard to care for, and as a very active girl who likes to climb and swing from the monkey bars it was bothersome at times. We'd had a conversation the month before about bald people(Maisie had already talked about getting her hair cut), which ranged from why people choose to be bald to alopecia and cancer. Maisie was quite sad that some children couldn't have hair as they may be bullied because of it; and so we looked at where we could send her hair after the big chop. 
We read up on the amazing work the Little Princess Trust do and choose to send her hair there, we didn't do a sponsored cut as I didn't want her to feel under pressure that she had to do it. However I think she was far calmer than the hairdresser and myself, she did flinch or worry and she looks cooler than ever. 
The girls at Violet White hair salon in Carlisle were amazing, they made Maisie feel like such a superstar-she especially liked being brought tea and biscuits and gave her the cut for free. 
Move on a month and I'm getting set to get my haircut when I read about the Odyssey Foundation - this is a local to me charity to support people fighting and recovering from cancer.  
They were helping promote the Little Princess Trust campaign too, asking people to donate 7 inches or more of hair to be made into wigs for those in need. Now my hair is totally huge and grows at silly speed, and as it was pointed out to me by Maisie "It's only hair Mummy, you'll still have some when they have none". 
Well how can you argue with that logic? 
I also had the big chop at Violet White, and have never felt better, thank you girls.
Are you thinking of making a big hair change, if so think about donating your locks to a great cause. 
Little Princess Trust
Odyssey Foundation,Carlisle. 

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