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14 April 2010

The One Where Amanda Gets Her Groove Back

So there was a time when I was a vibrant, bubbly, unstoppable lady full of ideas & smiles but then the never ending Winter arrived & that person vanished into her fluffy pompom slippers & PJs(but not a slanket, you have to draw the line somewhere). Smiles were by-passed for mumbles, aches, pains and really bad skin & hair.I believe I have the SAD disorder where your bady copes badly with a lack of Vitamin D & shuts down, the feeling of letharghy is horrid. 
The evidence below is plain to see, sad, old, grey mummy. 
Yucky Mummy.
But then something beautiful happened & on my birthday no less, THE SUN CAME OUT, & it stayed out I felt its warm glowing energy fill me up. Refeuled have I begun work again on building my own website for Maisielu, Spring cleaning the house to sell and generally doing some great stuff with my lovely family & friends.

Enjoying the park with Maisie & Lucas, I think Hubby 
was having more fun on this swing than they were.
Me(still looking haggered but joyful) at The Brickyard(local club) Homecoming gig, pictured with Little Stu who I've known for years & is quite talented but I wouldn't tell him that as his head wouldn't fit on a photo if I did.
He played as half of The Dementers, the other half being the another Stu who is very clever and amazing on guitar, they are based in Manchester now so its great to see them play & catch up. You can see footage of the gig here sorry I wasn't that steady with the camera.

Maisie having a jog roung Hardwick Circus fountain in Carlisle,she's an adventure girl for sure, & tried to climb in a couple of times, those flowers smell devine.

Enjoy the tunes, & hopefully where ever you are some beautiful sunshine to remind you that life does go on.


1 comment:

  1. yep, the sunshine certainly makes a difference. winter was way toooo long this year.
    sp pleased to hear you are on the mend,
    joy xx


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