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21 April 2010

A Bit Of Work In Progress

So if anyone is keeping track you'll notice I am a great starter of projects, just view the column to the left where you can my started projects. 
Worryingly there's not too many in the finished column considering we're quarter of the way into the year, but hey who said crafting with 2 young children, a house & Hubby to look after would be easy.
Annoyingly the cushions are almost finished but the finishing up takes all the time, I'm blaming the dust cloud; 
why not? every one else is.  So I thought I'd start some quick gratification projects to keep up the pace.
These are crocheted flowers, I love making these & remember my Grandma showing me how to crochet different types of flowers, so they bring back lovely nostalgic feelings as they glide through my fingers.

I really like this style rose but the way I've made it I think it looks like a water lilly. These are made with a thick cotton which makes them lovely and tactile.

This is a curly flower style & the colour reminds me of Creamed Rice Pudding I connected very close together at the back to give it small full appearance.

Where the larger version above it is kept loose making it wider and less structural, I think it would suit a button or pearls in the middle. This nude colour is everywhere at the moment as is anything floral so I'm hoping to be bang on trend with these.
I just have to attach the backings then these lovelies will be in my shops soon. What other colours would you like to see?

Dreaming of flowers & Summer days.



  1. I really like these and I love the blue ones at the top :

  2. please where is the pattern ...


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