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5 June 2010

The best things in life are free.

Well it's that time of year again The School Holidays are upon us, well not me to be truthful as my eldest doesn't start school till September, so I just notice as there are more children in the usually quite places.  
But what I do notice at this time of year is the amount of events staged for children to suck the cash from your pockets & that's before you get to the gift shops, so I was pleasantly surprised at the great things we've been to this month that cost minimal amounts but gave maximum fun.

Hammond Pond/Upperby Gala. This is a free family friendly event that the City Council run to show off their lovely parks, they happen in different areas of the town, however they normally involve a funfair & plenty of food stalls to such your cash. We stuck to quieter pursuits of a homemade picnic, the wonderful children's tents with free workshops, stick play fighting & in Lucas' case tree hugging. 
Cost=£3.50 for ice cream.

Bitts Park. The main park in Carlisle Centre has a great play area and during the Summer months a fabulous water park which is free for all. 

We Built This City, Carlisle. A free event in a purpose built arena filled with hundreds of cardboard boxes you build into anything you can think of, as tall or as wide as you like.throughout the day, buildings will go up, be pulled down, be redesigned, extended, walked through and jumped on, and reconstructed. Lucas & I had great fun playing in the baby section which had smaller boxes. Cost = 0

So when looking for places to take your children on these holiday days take a bit of time to find out what is going on, on your own door step you may be pleasantly surprised because most young children don't want expensive days out they just want to do something with their parents that's fun.


  1. I couldn't agree more, it was while looking for somewhere to take my grandson in the holidays that I found the Lakes (my blog rant)and it has proved wonderful for me to walk every day.

  2. Wow, you're so lucky to have such interesting and cheap things around! I love the idea of the cardboard box place :)

    I think I should forward this link to Edinburgh City Council!!

  3. it really was a great idea, think it was sponsored by certain companies all the big boxes were from Walkers Crisps. But the adults and children had a great time building it together.The theatre group that organise it were great with the children too.


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