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27 May 2010

Whoop Whoop.

Well I've finally gone and done it, I actually finished and published my website to the internet. Maisielu is now launched.
When I first considered selling my crafts to others I choose to use the sites of Misi & Folksy to start selling through, they gave the added benefits of having a community of other people in the same situation, and they're a great middle man or safety net between you & the buyer.
The forums on these sites are a valuable resource full of information, discussions, friendships & support but in some cases they are like the office environment-put too many people doing the same thing in one place & fights will occur, sometimes for completely childish reasons.
I'm strong enough to take criticism on the chin believing in business I'd have to develop a thick skin.  However squabbling on a certain board describing some of the sellers as just bored housewives who never get any further than selling the odd bits & pieces this made me realise that it was time to make the next step, to fly without the net & actually focus on the goals I'd set myself at the beginning of starting as a business.
My major goal was my own website, I know it's not perfect but like myself it's ever evolving & growing, hopefully into a business I can be proud of. 
I won't be abandoning Misi & Folksy just yet, they're just having a little holiday until I get my head round the world wide web of sales & marketing.

Thank you all for your support and kind wishes,

1 comment:

  1. wow, well done you, love the website congrautlations! Wishing you trillions of sales!


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