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21 June 2010

Elderflower Trail

Yesterday  we went for a beautiful family walk along the River Caldew to Dalston(a 9mile round trip), we made a list for Maisie of all the nature things she could spot along the way, birds, insects, animals & plants which turned out to be a fantastic talking & learning tool for the whole journey.
Elderflower Trail
We were amazed that even though we live in a city estate there was such beautiful places hidden just behind the surface, every person we met on the way greeted us merrily, Lucas found the journey a constant source of stimulation & a great adventure.
Elderflower Trail - baby wearing

Wildflower field

Elderflower Trail - finding the right blooms.

On the way back we picked the Elderflowers which were blooming, leaving lots left for the birds that eat the berries, to make Elderflower Champagne and cordial to celebrate Solstice.

I used this recipe for the Champagne good old Hugh you can't go wrong, its now sitting in the kitchen making it smell wonderfully of warm Summer days, the cordial mixture though I made up from recipes my Gran used for Raspberry & Strawberry cordials.

Easy Elderflower Cordial

12 Large Elderflower heads that are in bloom, they look yellow & dusty.
1 pint of water
1 1b of soft brown fine sugar
4 Lemons, zested, juiced & sliced up
Clean & sterile glass popper bottles
Double up for more cordial. Elderflower Cordial
Boil the water and add the sugar when dissolved turn off heat.  Add the lemon juice, zest and pieces to the water and then add the Elderflower heads.
It should look like this, and smells divine. Leave mixture in a cool dark place, covered up so no beasties get in for at least 24 hours. Then sieve mixture through a muslin cloth, into the glass bottles.
The cordial should last a couple months, but I doubt you'll let it.
Add to sparkling water for an amazing summer drink.

Joyful Solstice, Blessed be.


  1. Scrummy yummy....I made my cordial yesterday and it is currently brewing on the worktop. Can't beat elderflower cordial to be a taste of summer in the depths of winter.

  2. Mmmm this sounds nice! Might give it a try as well :)

  3. That sounds absolutely delicious. I walked straight past loads of elderflower bushes yesterday at Stormont and didn't even think to pick any, but I'll make the trip back again and maybe have a go this weekend or next:)

  4. I've been wanting to make some of this but have been looking for a recipe! Thanks!

  5. this is great! Was waiting for them to become berries for jam but will give this a go at the weekend! Dontcha love free food!

  6. this is quiet weird as my mum (who blogs) also just posted hot to make this...and it is YUMMY!!!

    saz x

    great blog girl!


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