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20 July 2010

And the Needles are out

I'm ashamed to say I haven't done any knitting all year, crochet having taken over my crafting time, making crocheted brooches is such fun but sometimes the end design just needs two needle love instead of one. 
Hence the needles are out, but not just any needles these are the beautiful Cath Kidston needles in a roll my Boss bought me for my birthday, I can not believe that from all my family & friends the only crafty gift I received for my birthday was from my Boss, the fabric as usual with Kidston items is lovely but what's surprising is the quality of the wooden needles provided they are a dream to knit on.
This is the start of my Autumn/Winter range of wrist warmers, a simple pattern that I hope works out as I've designed it myself.

The yarn I'm using is Wendy Allegra, bought from my LYS(Local yarn store) in Carlisle called The Superior Sewing Centre, the staff their are very helpful and don't mind at all that I often go just to visit their stash and stroke it a little.  The Allegra Yarn is 32% Alpaca, 31% Acrylic and 37% Polyester, making a wonderfully soft but hard wearing yarn, and comes is lots of beautiful colourways, and look how beautifully retro the label is.
Knitting with this is is very easy giving a lovely result, just look at how fluffed up it is, but unlike some other yarns of this mixture it holds it's fibres well with no splitting or pulling of threads.
I can't wait to see the end result.

So what's on your needles this week?

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