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28 July 2010

How does your garden grow?

I live in a teeny tiny house with only a shared courtyard and small strip of space at the rear as our own, for years I've dreamed of my own garden to grow vegetable in, but this year I decided that even if we were still in this house that I figure a way round it.And here it is.

If I'd planned this more I could have used a lot more space, maybe had baskets on the walls, this little galley style space at the back of our property is South facing so perfect for veggies. 
We have tomatoes, aubergines, cucumber, spring onions, lettuce, little gems, spinach and we did have a huge tub of peas but what we didn't eat the slugs finished off.  
It's a great experience having this little garden that Maisie can help out in, except the aubergines & cucumbers we planted these all from seed which is why we have a tomato plant growing in the spring onion tub.
I'm not sure what type of cucumber we're growing but she thinks it looks funny & cool so that's all that 
counts really.

And indoors our chillies are growing great, this was them at Easter time when little seedlings but now you can see the pointy lighter green chillies growing.  
We just need some real sunshine to redden them and the tomatoes.

So that's my small patch of green, what's going on in yours? 


  1. Your courgette plant's leaves look a whole lot nicer shade of green than ours (Although they don't appear to be struggling in the actual producing courgette front!) - are you feeding yours anything - if so what??

  2. I gave them some tomato feed but they really perked up with the lovely rain we've been having.
    I counted 9 growing at the minute but we have to take them quite small so slugs don't get them, friends dad gave us a yellow one that was size of my arm. So jealous.

  3. well done for growing so much. its a real treat to eat home grown. I have quite a reasonable sized garden which needs a fair bit of work, so this year I have a temporary plot for veg, and so far have had carrots, runner beans, lettuce, potatoes, swede and radishes, with tomatoes, leeks and parsnips still to come. later today I shall be blogging about my lovely beef casserole last night using veg from the garden.
    joy xx


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